BrainFitted Presents: Ricky Jones – Dreamers

djyes October 22, 2012 3

The day has finally come for hip-hop artist Ricky Jones to release his most most recent work of art.  Let us present to you Dreamers.  The project takes us on a journey through the thoughts of a Dreamer & visionary.  You can stream/download the album below for now and check out the tracklist.  Read what Ricky Jones has to say about this project below.

“Welcome, and to those I’ve asked to be a part of this nationwide listening party thank you for giving me your ear. Two months ago this journey started with a beat. A beat made by my one and only brother DjYes. It doesn’t happen often where your brother comes behind you, sets his own path, but at the time picks up the pieces of what you’ve left for him and reintroduces you to your own fate. This is the essence of “Dreamers”. We forget the ideas, thoughts, and hopes of our past and sometimes are blinded by a false sense of what’s really “real”. Today, our reality is what we make it. Tomorrow, our reality will be the fruits of the past we’ve created.” #Dreamers

– Jones

Download: Ricky Jones – Dreamers


  1. Wes October 23, 2012 at 1:35 am - Reply

    Keep doing your thang lil’ Bro… I have seen and heard the growth in you and your music over the years. Keep doing you. In my opinion your way better than these fake rappers talking shit about how many keys they moved or brothers they killed… Congrats!!! Great project!!!

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